What Toothpaste Do You Use?

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David, What Toothpaste Do You Use?

Answer:   I am currently using Biorepair, a German toothpaste. 

I don't think what toothpaste you use is terribly important. 

Some people prefer Fluoridated toothpaste and others prefer non-fluoride toothpaste.    

I don't think it matters what choice you make.  I personally prefer to avoid fluoride.  If you are in doubt about what toothpaste to use, follow your dentist's recommendation.   

What Is Important About Brushing?

What is important is that you brush consistently.  The idea is to disrupt the plaque on a regular basis.  

Plaque forms again very quickly after being disrupted.  If the plaque layer stays in tact for a length of time, believed to be about 24 to 48 hours, the anaerobic bacteria can begin to proliferate.  They are effectively shielded from oxygen by the plaque layer - also known as the biofilm. 

It is also important to brush gently.  The plaque is very easy to break.  Very easy... Again, disrupting it consistently is the key.  

If you brush too hard, you risk eroding your gum line and you can even damage your enamel with hard brushing.  Many people have the idea that they need to 'scrub' their teeth.  This is most definitely the wrong way to look at it. 

The idea is to disrupt plaque to prevent the bad bacteria from shielding themselves from oxygen.   Once shielded they can reproduce rapid and excrete acidic byproducts - the kind that are believed to cause damage to teeth and gums.  

I hope this helped.  You can always ask another question if that didn't get it for you.  

 David, How Long Have You Used This Toothpaste? Are You Happy With It?  

Biorepair?  I've used it for several years.  Am I happy with it?  I guess so, or I wouldn't keep using it.   

As I mentioned before, I prefer not to use fluoride.  Biorepair is supposed to help repair micro-defects in teeth.  This is one reason I like it.  There was something along the same lines available in the US.   But, a big company bought this formula and then changed it to remove the ingredient that helped to repair teeth.   That product was called Restore by Dr. Collins.  The important ingredient was called Novamin.  Not available any longer. 

Does BioRepair do what it claims?   I can't say for sure.  I like the claim whether it turns out to be accurate or not.   If it is accurate, "how accurate" becomes the next question.  I can't answer that one either. 

I use it because I like the idea that it 'might' work.   I cannot tell you that it definitely does or not.   I hope that makes sense. 

I've been reading that some companies / researchers have gotten close to making a mouthwash that rebuilds enamel.   That would be cool.  But right now, especially in the US, nothing like that is available.  Maybe this will change in the future.  Today's date is Mar. 29, 2019.  Let's see if that happens in the future.  





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