AktivOxigen 6 - Pack

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This is a a 6 Pack of AktivOxigen Serum

You can read more about AktivOxigen Serum Here

AktivOxigen can be used in your HydroFloss oral irrigator or it can be used to make a stand alone mouthwash. 

Why is it helpful?  Oxygen is the enemy of the kind of bacteria that cause gum disease, bad breath and cavities.   

The kind of bacteria that cause those problems are most often the kind that need very low levels or no oxygen in order to thrive.  They cannot thrive in the presence of oxygen.  

This allows you to attack the bacteria based principles found in microbiology.  Just look up aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and you can explore the difference for yourself. 

Many of the products on this site use these sound principles to help you overcome those challenges that you are finding vexing.   

The plethora of products available at your local pharmacy and drug stores and even large stores do not pay attention to these principles.  Those kind of products like to cover up problems instead of tackling them head- on.   

Enjoy your aktivoxigen and new found freedom!