Do You Have a Travel Sized HydroFloss?

Posted by Toothy Grins on

Question: Do You Have A Travel Sized HydroFloss


Answer:  No, and there is unlikely to ever be one.  The HydroFloss is more effective than other irrigators because of the magnetic technology it utilizes. This tech is too large to place into a small, travel sized unit.   

It would lose its effectiveness immediately as the size of the magnet would be too small to do what the full size HydroFloss does. 

If you are like most of us, you don't want to be without your HydroFloss.  What you can do is use the original box your HydroFloss came in to travel with.  The protective styrofoam cushions will help to prevent any damage while travelling. 

You can get your HydroFloss by clicking here.  

If you need a converter for overseas travel, I have a really good one that I have used in Europe for long periods of time.  If you need a good one, just ask me. 




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