Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser

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Waterpik suggests that this tool will provide up to 99.9% plaque removal on treated areas. They also suggest that oral irrigation is up to 93 percent more efficient than flossing.

I do believe that oral irrigation works pretty well. To use an oral irrigator is better than not using one. There are always those pesky food particles and debris that seem to come out under an irrigator even after you thought you brushed and flossed super well.

You have to wonder, 'what would happen if there were always particles stuck between my teeth and gums'.

With the Ultra Flosser you can control the pressure from between 10 to 90 PSI. 1200 pulses per minute. Waterpik says this will remove debris and bacteria 'lodged deep between the teeth and the gum line.

They also say that is up to 50% more efficient at promoting oral health than regular string floss.

The Ultra Flosser is quieter and more ergonomic than previous models. It comes with a three year warranty. It also comes with a 14 day 'healthier gums warranty'. You'll have healthier gums in 14 days or you can get your money back! That's an awesome guarantee.

Can be used with your favorite mouthwash.

6 tips included:

  1. 2 Classic Jet Tip
  2. Plaque Seeker Tip
  3. Orthodontic Tip
  4. Pik Pocket Tip and Toothbrush Tip.

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Compare to the Hydro Floss.