Travel Sized Toothpaste With Soft Toothbrush

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Travel Sized Toothpaste With Super Soft Toothbrush

- TSA Compliant - You can take a tube with you to board an airplane.   It is within the size limits stipulated by TSA for travel.   That means you can brush your teeth on the airplane. 

Travel Ease - Purse or pocket, one of these tubes is easy to carry wherever you go.  Imagine having readily available toothpaste while you are on the go.  Need to clear away that lunch or coffee breath?   This toothpaste is good for that too. 

Way better than a full sized toothpaste tube.  I know from personal experience that a full sized toothpaste tube is awkward to carry around with you.  I have kept one in my backpack.  It takes up a lot of space and it takes a really long time to use a tube.   Imagine how much easier it is to carry a small travel sized tube. 

Makes A Great Gift For Your Beloved Traveller -  Someone you love travels a lot?  This is what they need and they will think of your thoughtfulness every time one of these tubes comes in handy - whether it is boarding a plane or having a handy tube after lunch or dinner in a far away place.  What a bummer it is to constantly buy some lousy brand with questionable ingredients at the hotel!   Instead, they can pull out this trusty tube and know that you have their back!