Therabreath Starter Kit

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If you are looking to combat bad breath, Therabreath may give you a strong advantage.

This may be because of the oxygenated, pH balanced quality to the products.

I am about to tell you why I think these are important, but please understand that every human body is different. Therefore, each body responds differently to different things. You should be under the care of a licensed dentist at all times for any dental health issues, including but not limited to bad breath!

Although, what is about to follow is pure theory, I believe it to be strongly rooted in science. There may be professionals and scientists who disagree, so keep that in mind. The USFDA may not have evaluated any of this information either.

Therefore, I only state this in the realm of "opinion". But if you have had some basic biology and microbiology training, I think you will understand the logic.

Ok, so why is pH balance and oxygenation important?

Oxygen is capable of doing one of two things to the anaerobic bacteria that are believed to cause dental disease and bad breath.

1. It kills them outright.

2. It can cause some bacteria to shift from the damaging and bad breath causing 'anaerobic' mode to the relatively 'straight laced' aerobic mode.

In either case, the theory is that this is a win for your dental health and breath.

I personally believe a good oral irrigator, such as the Hydro Floss will also help you.

Anerobic simply means "in the absense of oxygen". Cellular metabolism (bacteria are single cells) that relies on oxygen is relatively 'healthy' and promotes efficient use of energy without a lot of harmful waste byproducts.

When a cell uses anaerobic metabolism, it is using a very inefficient means of energy production. As a result it is prone to create harmful waste byproducts that are generally acidic in nature and may smell bad too.

So you see, by using an oxygenated product, you MIGHT be attacking the problem where it should be attacked instead of just covering up smell with other, less unpleasant, smells. This is theory again.

The acidic byproducts are believed to be the contributing factors to tooth decay and gum disease as well.

This is where the pH balance comes in.

pH balance is dental health is important, in my opinion, for a few reasons.

One is that a pH balanced mouth is not acidic. The problem with acidity is:

1. "Bad bacteria" love an acidic environment, it causes them to reproduce more rapidly.

2. The acid itself makes it harder for your teeth to stay hard through the natural process called remineralization.

This is the reason why eating sugary snacks and drinking sugary beverages is a problem. It is not the sugar that causes the issue, it is the increased harmful waste byproducts of the 'bad bacteria". With sugar, they rapidly reproduce.

More acid also causes them to reproduce faster. Therefore, you have more 'bad' bacterial producing more harmful and acidic waste products which drives the pH of the mouth down even further. It is the proverbial 'vicious cycle'.

Obviously, drinking some sodas which contain sugar + acid can make things harder on your dental health.

Balancing your mouth with a pH balanced rinse (after also rinsing with water) should, theoretically, be beneficial to your dental health.

Obviously, no one is going to completely eliminate acidic and sugar laden foods and beverages from their lives completely. So we need to take care of our dental health by driving the pH higher ( towards neutral) both for the sake of preventing the speed up in bacterial production as well as giving our body's natural ability to strengthen our teeth and dental health a chance to work unimpeded.

I hope that all made sense. If not, pick up the phone and dial the number above. We can chat further.

I am NOT a dentist, doctor or scientist. This is basic theory from studying cell and human biology in college. And I freely admit that I may be wrong about ALL or PART of what I wrote above. This explanation makes sense to me however.

Professionals may or may not disagree and the FDA may or may not disagree with me. Therefore, I do NOT make any health claims and merely present this information as an opinion or theory.

This kit contains:

1 Oral Rinse

1 Toothpaste

1 AktivOxigen Serum

1 Therabreath Plus PowerDrops

1 Therabreath Fresh Breath Throat Spray

3 Therabreath Mouth Wetting Lozenges Sample (3PC)

2 Sheets (12 pieces) TheraBreath Oxygenating Chewing Gum

1 Tongue Cleaner

1 Toothbrush

1 Guide