Teeth Whitening Pens 2 Pack

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This is a package of two teeth whitening pens. I love the pens because you have a lot more control over how much chemical goes on as well as WHERE the chemical goes. Those are two reasons why the pens are better!

They are quick and easy and can be used both to 'touch up' and to whiten your teeth. This is a quick and gentle way.

Here is another benefit. If you have seen someone who has been using whitening strips. You can see where the strip ended when they smile! With the pens, you can control which teeth get the 'touch up' and cover a wider area.

In addition the pens don't take up a lot of space. You also do NOT have to mold a tray and fill your mouth with chemical peroxide. You simply brush on the peroxide with the pens, YOU control how much and WHERE the peroxide goes. You can more power over keeping it away from the sensitive gum tissue and membranous areas of your mouth.

How To Use The Pens:

1) Brush and floss your teeth.

2.) Blot them dry. This is because the whitening formula adheres better to dry teeth.

3) Remove the cap and twist the base of the pen in a clockwise direction to allow for the release of the whitening formula onto the brush tip.

4) Smile wide while keeping your lips away from your teeth.

5.) Now, apply the whitening formula to your teeth utilizing vertical up and down brush strokes. You should try to
avoid applying the formula to the gum line.

6.) Keep smiling wide for the thirty seconds in order to allow the whitening formula to dry on your teeth.

7.) Wait about 30 minutes before drinking or eating anything. This provides time for the
whitening formula to work.

Enjoy a nicer smile.


Author: What You Should Know About Gum Disease

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