Premium Tea Tree Oil 2 Pack

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High Quality, Real Authentic 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil - Smart shoppers KNOW the difference! This is the REAL High Quality Tea Tree Oil and does not smell like turpentine

Professional Label That DOES NOT Smear or Run Makes YOU LOOK GOOD in Front Of Friends and Clients or Patients. This IS the oil for you.

EASY to Use, Quickly Fits Into A Pocket or Purse - The Perfect Size To Carry With You, Small Enough To Easily Manage or Carry In A Purse or Pocket Book And Big Enough To Last For A While. This is The Perfect Size Tea Tree Oil Bottle For EASE OF USE

Orifice Reducer Dropper - No Spilling. Save The Oil For Use Where You Want To Use It - Not In The Sink Or On The Floor. Again - A Quality Oil and Quality Label!

Sourced In Australia and Bottled In America! - Don't Settle For Less! This IS The Oil You Want For Tea Tree Oil Needs To Be Easily and Quickly Fulfilled.

The Best Tea Tree Oil

This is Authentic (Real) 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil. - Smart Tea Tree Oil users know that the market is flooded with cheap tea tree oil that passes chemical tests but is not authentic Australian. You can distinguish the cheap non-Australian oil because it smells like TURPENTINE.

Toothy Grins' Authentic Australian oil is the real thing and it smells GREAT just like Tea Tree Oil SHOULD smell.

We put care and effort into OUR oil and our labelling too! - In addition to the high quality authentic oil mentioned above, this bottle comes with GREAT packaging too.

- The label is a high quality, smear and run resistant label - IT WILL NOT RUN OR SMEAR when you spill a some oil in it. (bound to happen) - Lesser quality labels will run and smear and will NOT look professional.

Our PROFESSIONAL label looks great (classy look) and doesn't run or smear. It will make you look good in front of your friends OR your clients / patients! (or both).

To put it plainly, why would anyone want ANY other Tea Tree Oil brand. Toothy Grins makes YOU a winner with this high quality authentic oil PLUS the NO SMEAR / NO RUN Classically designed label!

Orifice dropper prevents spills too! This is YOUR oil, get it now while it's available.

Once You've had This oil, you won't want to go back to your old brand! Get it now.

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