Oral B Professional Care 1000

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This model is also known as the Precision 1000 and / or HealthyClean 1000

The real purpose of any home use dental tool is to help disrupt plaque on a daily basis.

An Electric toothbrush (as well as a manual one) can certainly do that.

Many studies suggest that an electric toothbrush is many times better.

At the end of the day, disrupting that plaque on a daily basis is what is important. Learn more.

Oral B is of German technology and they make great Electric Toothbrushes!

One of the dangers of brushing too hard is the potential to damage gum tissue and cause recession.

This Electric comes with a pressure sensor to turn itself off if you press to hard. Even so, I suggest a very light
pressure when using any tooth brush.

Disrupting plaque is not difficult, but it does need to be done daily

- Oral-B Precision Clean® brush head

- On/offbutton

- Handle

- Charge indicator light

- Low charge indicator light

- Charger