HydroFloss Plus Sulcus Jet Tips Combo Package

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This is a combination of a Brand New Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator and a Package of Sulcus Jet Tips.

This package includes:

1. Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator - Brand New, genuine, authorized.

2. 1 Package of 4 Hydro Floss Sulcus Jet Tips - these are designed for 5-6 mm pockets.

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The Hydro Floss comes with 4 regular jet tips normally. With this combo package you will still get the 4 regular jet tips and you will also get 1 package of 4 sulcus jet tips.

The sulcus tips, like the pocket pal tips are made for those with 5-6mm periodontal pockets.

Some people prefer the sulcus tips and some prefer the pocket pals. Therefore we offer both.

If you need an opinion, I like the pocket pals better. The soft rubber tip is much gentler if you accidentally touch your gum tissue while irrigating.

Both tips serve the same purpose so it ultimate is a matter of personal preference.

Many dentists and hygienists recommend the Hydro Floss oral irrigator.

The "best practice" for your new irrigator is to use it twice per day with 2 reservoirs per use. Read: The secret to using your Hydro Floss effectively.

If you have any questions you may call 1-888-586-6849 and ask for Dave, he can answer your questions about this product.

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If you have any questions, you can simply call 1-888-586-6849 and ask for David.



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