How To Stop Bad Breath Kit

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This kit contains what you need to stop bad breath and then to maintain fresher breath (Guaranteed).

Look for the directions below.


This How To Stop Bad Breath Kit is an easy and cost effective way to get started on the path to fresh, clean breath and a healthy mouth.

Clinical strength oral rinse and toothpaste eliminate and protect against bad breath.
Throat spray and oxygenating serum destroy bad breath bacteria on the back of your tongue and in your throat.
Oxygenated gum and mouth wetting lozenges get rid of bad breath and dry mouth instantly when you're on the go.
- These oxygenated products are very good for attacking the anaerobic (oxygen hating) bacteria that are responsible for bad breath. So you will be truly fighting the problem and NOT simply covering odors as so many other products do.

This kit was created by a dentist who is also a specialist in bacteria. In addition, he made the focus of his practice conquering bad breath. This kit is guaranteed (see below) to work for you.

Directions For Use:

Regular Brushing and Rinsing
Gently scrape your tongue with the tongue scraper, reaching as far back as possible. Then put some of the toothpaste on the tongue scraper and coat your tongue as far back as possible without gagging. Brush normally for 1-2 minutes, making sure to brush the roof of your mouth, the insides of your cheeks, and your tongue. When you feel like you need to spit, do so, but do not rinse with water. When you are done brushing, rinse thoroughly with the oral rinse for at least 60 seconds.

Bad Breath From The Throat
After rinsing with the oral rinse, mix some AktivOxigen solution according to the directions on the bottle of AktivOxigen Serum. Gargle with this mixture for 10 to 20 seconds. Try to get the solution as far back in your mouth and throat as possible. Do not worry if you accidentally swallow a small amount of the AktivOxigen solution. This will actually coat your throat, neutralizing anaerobic bacteria on the way down.

This Will Work For You Or Your Money Back

30 Day Money Back Guarantee on the off chance this kit doesn't stop bad breath for you. This kit is guaranteed to work for you. Every human body is different and there may be a few people this doesn't work for. This guarantee allows you to buy with confidence, you have no risk.

*This kit does not contain: Alcohol (which may lead to drying of the mouth), Sodium Sacharin , Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (which may cause drying of the mucous membranes of the mouth, leading to more bacteria and more bad breath) , Benzalkonium Chloride (an allergen)