Bad Breath Probiotics

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*Important - This kit is no longer manufactured but you can still find probiotics through this page - Click Here

Probiotics for the mouth may turn out to be very important to you. The basic concept is to replace the colonies of unhealthy bacteria with healthier colonies. The 'bad bacteria' are responsible for dental disease such as cavities, gum disease and bad breath.

The idea is, generally speaking, that if you can replace, the unhealthy colonies of bacteria with the healthier kind, the 'bad' bacteria will no longer have a way to 'take root' and grow large, damaging colonies.

This is something that many researchers have hinted at. You may have heard that the Japanese researchers have mentioned yogurt as a way to help fight / prevent gum disease. The concept is similar.

These probiotics were designed to be the 'right kind' of bacteria. Based on research by a dentist who specializes in fighting bad breath.

"Multi-Symptom ProBiotic Breath Treatment Kit

This Multi-Symptom ProBiotic Breath Treatment Kit is believed to contain everything you need to jump start your oral health.

Multi Symptom Oral Care Probiotic is part of a new generation of probiotics that are very targeted in terms of their benefits.

Probiotic Chewing Gum contains over 500 million cultures of K12 probiotic bacteria, designed to help fight bad breath germs in your mouth and throat.

Unique Mouth Wetting Lozenges are unlike any breath mint you have ever tried. They work in three distinct stages to make sure your mouth is fresh, moist, and healthy.
1 TheraBreath PLUS Oral Rinse
1 TheraBreath PLUS ToothGel
1 Tongue Scraper
1 Sheet of Aktiv-K12 ProBiotic Chewing Gum
1 Box of TheraBreath Multi-Symptom ProBiotics
1 Box TheraBreath Mouth Wetting Lozenges


This product does not contain:
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Benzalkonium Chloride (an allergen)

For patients with chronic halitosis, these are the strongest products we offer. (Note: If you have a persistent and serious condition, you may also need to use other specialty products to control odor from problem areas like sinuses or tonsils.)

How To Use This Product

Regular Brushing and Rinsing:
Gently scrape your tongue with the tongue scraper, reaching as far back as possible. Then put some of the toothpaste on the tongue scraper and coat your tongue as far back as possible without gagging. Brush normally for 1-2 minutes, making sure to brush the roof of your mouth, and the insides of your cheeks, and your tongue. When you feel like you need to spit, do so, but do not rinse with water. When you are done brushing, rinse with the oral rinse thoroughly, for at least 60 seconds.

Multi Symptom Probiotics Treatment:
Brush Teeth, tongue, and inside cheeks with TheraBreath Toothpaste (included) to prepare for treatment. Mix one stick pack with about two mouthfuls (2oz.) of water until fully dissolved. Rinse mouth thoroughly for 1 minute with one mouthful. Spit. Gargle for 30 seconds with next mouthful. Spit. If additional solution remains, rinse until gone. You will learn to estimate more precisely as you use the treatment. Use treatment TWICE (morning and night) on DAY 1, ONCE (each morning) on DAYS 2-6, and TWICE (morning and night) on DAY 7.

Aktiv-K12 ProBiotic Chewing Gum:
Chew a piece every morning after brushing and rinsing when hostile bacteria counts in your mouth are low. Aktiv-K12 bacteria will establish themselves within a week and help defend your oral cavity against germ damage. One pack a month is all you need to maintain a healthy level of probiotic bacteria and help reduce presence of germs.

Mouth Wetting Lozenges:
Eat a lozenge whenever your mouth feels dry or you experience an unpleasant flavor. Three or four a day should keep your mouth fresh, moist, and free of bad breath. " ---
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As you can see, there is a lot to Probiotics for bad breath and oral health. Is this right for you? There is a sixty day money-back guarantee so you have plenty of time to try them out and see if they work for you. Maybe this is exactly what you have been searching for?

Time to find out?