Alkamate Portable Alkaline Water Maker

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Please note: The color pink is not available and we do not expect that it will become available again. The available colors are Red, Blue, Black and Silver.

Make Alkaline Water On -The-Go

This is perfect for your daily routine. You can carry it with you and have alkaline water on demand.

Take this portable alkaline water make with you, wherever you go.

Just add water, shake, and in 15 minutes, you have alkaline water!

Those interested in alkaline water usually know WHY they want it, why it is valuable to have and how it is superior to 'regular' water.

I think these nifty little portable alkaline water makers are convenient, easy to use and they look good too!

Keep an extra one at the office or anywhere you want so that you won't have to go without alkaline water.

Comes with a nice carrying case and an extra filter!

Choose your color(s) and get started.

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David Snape

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Thank you!

I'm so glad I have this now, it makes it so easy to drink alkaline water and avoid having to buy plastic bottles. Thanks very much :)