Diet And Your Dental Health

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Diet may have a lot more to do with your dental health than you may have previously thought.  I have a few resources on this, but let me explain with a couple of generalized concepts.  
One piece of information I came across said something like this:  Sugar may be a problem in fueling the bacteria in your mouth, but the theory is that this is not the MAIN problem with sugar.  
It has been theorized that sugar may cause a disruption of the calcium / phosphate balance in the blood.  It is believed that this disruption prevents your body from delivering nutrients to your teeth.   
It's unlikely that a single disruption once in a while would be a problem for your body.  But if the above statement is true, then what happens when you are eating or drinking sugary foods and drinks multiple times per day?   
Point two:   There was a dentist from decades ago who went around the world and tried to figure out how it was that people on the western diet were having dental problems despite regular checkups and cleanings while people who never had their teeth treated had perfectly good teeth without as many cavities as people in the west have.  
He had many theories about this. But all of them had to do with nutrition.  They could see what happened to these previously healthy teeth populations after they started on a western diet - processed foods, sugar, etc.  
Furthermore, he noticed that the formation of teeth was affected in western diet populations.  Dental arches were smaller and there was more tooth crowding.  
One of the nutritional items he suspected as being beneficial was something he called Activator X.   He didn't know what it was.   There is a chemist today who believes that the missing factor he was talking about was Vitamin K.   It's fascinating stuff.  

This topic about dental health and diet is a rather large and complex topic.  I have a few books to point you to, including one written by the dentist mentioned above.  His name was Weston Price.  
You can find more information on my book resources here:  
As you are well aware, the HydroFloss is the most simple, elegant and in my opinion most likely to be effective tool to improve the health of your gums.  
No matter what method you use, the end goal is for your gums is to reduce the periodontal pockets to 3mm or less.  Why?  Most dental professionals, generally speaking, will say that your gums are healthy when those pockets are 3mm or less.   Generally, the opposite is true as well - anything above 3mm or viewed as 'bad'.  
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Of course, whatever dental health issues you have or think you might have, you will want to rely on your local dentist or periodontist for advice, diagnosis and treatment.  My stuff is for information purposes only. Yet, you may find it to be helpful.  
Stay Healthy and well and thank you again for your support,
Author: What You Should Know About Gum Disease 


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