Toothy Grins Newsletter - September 2017

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Hello from ToothyGrins, 

This is the last day of September and I have no choice to write a newsletter before midnight or miss this month! 

I have two coupons for you. 

One is coupon10 and it is good for 10% off your entire purchase until October 4th 2017 at midnight. It works for everything at 

The second coupon is a 12% off discount! It is coupon12 and it is good for 12% off the new platform at It is slightly higher to encourage you to use that store platform and to see if you like it better than the old one! It will also expire on October 4th

Update to Water Filter Pitchers and Pitcher filter replacements

I know that I mentioned it before, but it is worth saying again. The Alkapitcher products on both stores and the filters that go with them now reduce both fluoride and arsenic in addition to making the water more alkaline. 

*this is only true for the pitcher products. The portable alkamates still alkalize the water but they do not remove flouride or arsenic. 


Thanks to everyone who sent in their tips last month about sciatica. I am slowly getting better although today was quite scary. I woke up with the worst pain ever, but it only lasted 10 minutes and was gone. I was so scared that I went to the urgent care clinic to find out that it was nothing to worry about! 

I have made progress over the last 12 weeks but it is a VERY slow process. I'm currently doing a lot of McKenzie exercises. I've been through three chiropractors and one nurse practitioner. An MRI has been ordered. 

However, I think I will get better, the only question is: How long do I have to deal with this? 

The answer is elusive. 

That is all for now. Thanks again for all of your support. 

Please use the above coupons right away so that you don't miss the expiration on October 4th. Both stores have virtually the same products so you might want to use the 12% coupon to get the max benefit. 

10% with coupon : coupon10 at 

12% with coupon: coupon 12 at ( the new platform) 

One last footnote - If you have been using the HydroFloss from ToothyGrins and have not achieved a reduction in your periodontal pocket depths, give me a call. You should have by now, maybe I can help spot what your barrier is, if any. Most customers are getting fantastic results and I can usually provide worthwhile pointers for those who reach out. 

Your dental office will always be the verification point with the measurement of your periodontal pocket depths. You want them to be 3 or less. Most dentists would say your gums are healthy at 3 or less, generally speaking. 

That's all for September 2017. 


David and 


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