Rhythmic Movements for Autism and Dr. Blomberg

Posted by Toothy Grins on

A customer called me today and as we had a conversation, she brought up the topic of her autistic 15 year old and how he was improving greatly due to a technique of rhythmic movement that she was learning.  

She mentioned the creator of the technique was a Dr. Blomberg. 

I do not pretend to understand all the details.  But it sounds like something about creating rhythmic movements that somehow replace developmental steps that were missed. 

She said the results she was seeing with her son are quite amazing and that she has talked to others who were seeing similar results with their children. 

I don't know much about this subject, but since it sounds like it could be important, I wanted to make this blog to let people know. The customer who called felt that this was something that people should know about.  Each person can investigate on their own to the extent and depending on their level of interest. 

If the information is useful to someone, I would be happy.   Of course, always be under the care of your physician when tackling health issues of any sort.  




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