Question About HydroFloss Oral Irrigator Reservoirs

Posted by Toothy Grins on

Question: Hi, my reservoir cracked and I would like to get a replacement, however, in looking at the comments there was one that said it does not fit as snugly as the original. Has this been addressed and do the replacements now fit like the original? 

Answer:  The replacements are made by the same company that makes the HydroFloss.  

I wouldn't pay any attention to comments.  people say all kinds of things that only turn out to be true in the legend of their own mind.  

And if there was a problem, you could simply return the reservoir in the first 30 days after purchase and either get another or a refund.  

I'm not sure, but I don't recall anyone saying their replacement reservoir didn't fit snugly.    Some do need to add a little olive oil around the o-ring at first.  But that isn't necessary to continue - if it is needed at all.  

You can find the replacement hydrofloss oral irrigator reservoir here




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