My McKenzie Night Roll Review

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This video shows the original McKenzie Night Roll.   It is supposed to help you maintain a lordosis while you sleep on your back or either side.  

While it currently doesn't work for me, because I have a very sensitive lower back area right now, the concept is still brilliant. 

I imagine that it will work well for most people.  

I've been battling sciatica for about 9 weeks at the time I write this.  I have been using the McKenzie method for only a little over 1 week.   You can see in McKenzie's book:  Treat Your Own Back Pain, how to do the exercises he came up with.  Many doctors and therapists around the world are using his methods today.  

I first read about the night roll in his book and decided to buy the one you see in the video.   It's a great idea and I can't wait to reach the time when it will work for me too.   

I also purchased the original McKenzie lumbar roll as well.  I'm having similar problems with it when I drive.  Although I do use it while driving despite the pain because I often have as much or almost as much pain when I drive without it.  

If you have had an experience with any of the McKenzie products, good or bad, please share your experience in the comments below to help others who may be exploring these products. 

I love the book and the exercises, particularly number 3 has been very helpful.  You can also find certified practitioners of the McKenzie exercises that can help you beyond the book.  I was helped by someone who knew the exercises well and I gained a lot of range of motion back as a result.  



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