Grossan Hydro Pulse - Priming The Pump

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The following information comes straight out of the instruction booklet that comes with every new Grossan Hydro Pulse. 

* More than 80% of all reported problems (especially no solution flow) can easily be solved by following the instructions for priming the pump.  Follow these directions thoroughly and patiently. 

Priming the Pump

1. Fill the reservoir full of warm water and place machine next to sink.  

2. Double check that the handle switch is  ON, place the handle in the sink as far below the level of the reservoir as possible, and place some kind of weight on the handle so it does not move. 

3. Wait at least 10 min. 

4. Turn the pressure dial to maximum, then run the machine for thirty seconds. If water flows, run the entire reservoir before proceeding. If no water flows, leave the handle on the bottom of the sink for 10 more minutes and repeat the process (run 30 seconds, handle in sink for 10 minutes) up to three times.  THIS PROCEDURE FIXES MORE THAN 85% OF ALL PROBLEMS. 

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