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Below, you will find what has been directly written in the guidebook that comes with every brand new Grossan Hydro Pulse Sinus irrigator machine.  

Please be advised that not every insurance company does things this way, therefore, it may be possible that your insurance company has other requirements. 

For example, your insurance company, especially if it is Anthem, will require an NPI.   Basically, you are going to need to buy your device directly from your physician if you need to have an NPI. 

Most insurance companies should be fine with the information outlined in Dr. Grossan's booklet that comes with every new Hydro Pulse nasal irrigator.  This information will come from your physician's office as well.  

This is the excerpt:  


To get insurance reimbursement you should present: 

a. a receipt

b. a note from your doctor with a diagnosis and the billing code, HCPCS-E1399 Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

c. the list of references given on p.22   

*please note that the references mentioned can be found on page 22 of the booklet that comes with every new Grossan Hydro Pulse.  You need simply look to your new Hydro Pulse box to find the booklet.  

I hope this helps, we do not help in any other way for insurance reimbursements.  Other than the receipt, there is nothing more we can provide for you to help you get reimbursed.  

I have only had 1, maybe 2 calls in the last 10 years on this subject. This is not really a problem, except there seems to be an expectation that we can magically get you a reimbursement.

Since things are plainly stated here, please do not call Toothy Grins on this topic. 

A receipt is the only item in the above list that we can provide to people who purchase their Hydro Pulse at Toothy Grins. 

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