Does The Hydro Floss Come With Cannula Tip Attachments?

Posted by Toothy Grins on

Normally, it would not come with cannula tip attachments.  

However, when ordering from this page - you can request a free package of tips (your choice of Cannula, pocket, regular or sulcus tips) by adding a note at checkout.  

The note would simply say  "free cannula tips, please" .  

So it is that easy to save yourself a good chunk of change!  

If you need to order by phone you may use the number above. But be sure to ask for the free package of tips before the order completes. 

We won't go back and add it after the hydrofloss has shipped.  It needs to be requested at the time of purchase.   

No exceptions, please.  But if you add the note at checkout at this page, all will be well:

It's as easy as that!  




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